I live for Leiomy Mizrahi and Vogue Evolution

15 09 2009

Vogue Evolution is the hottest new dance crew to hit MTV and also happends to be a proud part of the LGBT community. The group consists of 4 LGBT boys and one lovely transgender lady who has slowly captured the hearts of everyone in LGBT land and beyond. The group urges everyone to just be comfortable in their skin and taking responsibility for yourself.

Vogue Evolution also participates in H.I.V. / AIDS awareness benifits and charities and promotes a positive outlook on life to gay youth. These LGBT fam are fierce honey! Aside from being superheroes in the LGBT community, they have choreographed numerous dance routines for performers everywhere as small as local dance centers…all the way up to the likes of Mrs. Mariah Carey herself. If this group doesnt deserve some credit, I dont know who does. Make sure you support them and watch them on Americas Best Dance Crew.



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