Press is shocked Queen Latifah is at NYC gay club…?!?!

16 09 2009

Queen Latifah

King …I mean Queen Latifah was Spotted at a gay club in NYC….whats the big deal??


 The press has had a field day behind the appearance of female rapper Queen Latifah in a gay club in NYC. As Femme has said before, Queen Latifah is engaged to a woman and is a part of the LGBT community whether she says it outwardly to the media or not. Im not sure what the big suprise is but I hope the media gets over it soon! Inside sources say that Latifah nas neither confirmed nor denied the allegations.

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One response

16 09 2009

I agree with you. What’s the big deal? We all know she’s les by now. So her being around any of the lgbt communities shouldn’t be suprising. Unless you know, it’s the fact that she’s being outward with it, which is something that isn’t really her to do. The media doesn’t know how to handle anyone in this community.
Either way, I love her. Wish I was at that same club.

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