My thoughts on coming out….

17 09 2009

So today I wanted to blog about my thoughts on coming out.  There are so many different topics to choose from on this subject i’m not even sure where to start but i’ll try to make this quick. It takes alot of courage to come out to your family. There are alot of things to worry about. How they will react, if they will be mad, if they will still love you…. All these questions are the reasons some people feel like they have to stay in the closet for so long. They dont want to lose the people they love the most. Its sad that the alternative to being able to just live your life is to stay masked from the world at large.
     Why cant families just try to be more supportive. What happened yo just loving your kids?? I always remind people that being gay is not an identity. Its a sexual orientation. When I registered to vote I check female, and then african-american. There was no box that said gay anywhere. Until there is stop throwing us all in a category. Were humans, and were Americans, and we have the right to live and love without being persecuted.
     I hope the families who are supportive of their gay daughter or their gay son educate the parents who are ignorant and are more worried about their own comfort level then their childs happiness. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for being supportive and giving your child/family member a chance to show you who they really are. Thank you.




One response

17 09 2009

I agree w this so much. Its crazy how ppl react to the whole coming out thing. I wish everybody could read this. Def hits home

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