I think im tired of Chelsea Lately….

18 09 2009


Hello LGBT fam! Sorry for the long delay…Anyways I was talking to my friend on the phone yesterday (Prince Justan…check out our Vogue Evolution tribute) and he told me that that bitch Chelsea Lately had the NERVE to talk about my Lady Gaga. I watched the clip on youtube and I must say it pissed me off. Lately made the comment that she’s tired of this Lady Gaga “he she thing it or whatever it is.” Well well well Miss Lately. When did you become the perfectionist of life? With your ratty hair, low budget crew of “co host” and piss poor bitch ass attitude. Who are you? I would commend her on having a T.V. show but so does Frankie, Neffie, a bunch of pregnant 16 year olds, and Real and Chance…That being said, the value of being able to say “im on a t.v. show” has been shot to hell. I think im tired of Chelsea Lately….She’s too negative and she talked about my Gaga. Lol.




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18 09 2009

Lol. You cooked her. I def. agree though. She has no right to talk about anybody.
❤ your site. ,

18 09 2009

i agree…who the hell is she…i mean where the hell did she come from and what makes her so great…cuz honestly i didnt even know who the hell she was until Real and Chance went on her show…she porbably did that for publicity…how dare she talk about out Pricess (Lady GaGa)…bitch lol

18 09 2009


22 09 2009

To be quite honest Aryka, I love Chelsea.

She talks about everyone and everything including herself. Yes, she made a comment about Lady Gaga, but so has how many other people? As a matter of a fact, who hasnt Chelsea spoken about, made jokes about?

Shes a comedian and she as well as others, find humor in a lot of what she says.

Honestly we can go on for days boycotting shows and entertainers, or when in a situation like this, just accept it and move on.


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