The Lovers and Friends show…

19 09 2009

Femme fans! I stumbled across an interesting interesting LGBT  t.v. show that has been slowly taking over youtube channels everywhere.  This show is FULL of drama, suspense, and real life situations. every LGBT girl or boy can relate to these people is some way. Make sure you check them out and spread the word!

For links to more of there videos, click here!




One response

22 09 2009

Hey Aryka,
As you know, i cannot view youtube videos @ work but i have seen this online show at home. And i must admit i like it. First off, the character named Nikki is SOO extra fly, makes my heart racem, but thats not the issue here. I like the fact that its REAL LIFE. Yes, the L Word was supposed to be Real Life as well, but thats from an LA point of View. Lovers and Friends is more of real life for me and the people i know in this Metro Area (NY, NJ, CT -etc). I can relate to it, cry with it and laugh with it. I hope they eventually get picked up and have a television serious so that the video quality would be better. 🙂


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