WHY was Lil Mama on stage? SECURITY!

19 09 2009

 So as many of you know…I hate Lil mama. I wanted to badly to hold back from wasting my time talking about her bullshit antics after the “incident” on ABDC, but I couldnt contain myself any longer. Im atill mad she hopped her manly ass up on the stage during Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performance. Where the hell was security? I guess the same place they were when Kanye pulled his stunt. In any event, I didnt appreciate her little explanation as to why she felt she could jump on stage. She said she did it because she was “so into the song and she was just feelin it.” Bitch down. Whatever! MTV needs to exclude her AND Kanye from there live events. Enjoy the clip! – xoxo




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