New Stud of the week….

22 09 2009


Name: Jazzie M.

Age: 31

Location: Brooklyn

Status: Single

Zodiac: Gemini

Bio: I am one of the 3 founding members of The Urban L Magazine. I have a degree in Accounting and Business Management. I have a great sense of humor and I am a no nonsense person. One thing known about me is that I have a temper, though I try to control it to the best of my ability.

I am BIG on friends and family. I have a close knit family and I love them to death. I am as loyal of a person as they come. I’m down to ride for anyone I consider friends, or even more- family.

I am musically inclined as well as eccentric. I listen to everything from Jay Z to Savage Garden. I like hanging out, trying new places and doing new things. I enjoy comedy clubs, parties, clothes, fitteds, foot ware, good food, good company, ice cold coronas, Guitar hero (sometimes I can be a big kid) and of course the LADIES.

Although most can’t tell, I am extremely shy. Public speaking and meeting new people scare me. Even though i look mean, i am really a nice person. I don’t bite

Contact Info:

The Urban L Magazine will provide a look into the world of the Urban Lesbian since many people do not understand how complex it is or how much talent lies within. The magazine will not only benefit us as lesbians, or the LGBT community one way or another. We strive on being the best and we won’t stop until we accomplish our goal to reach everyone and spread understanding of our struggle and determination.




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