What kind of girls do you like?

22 09 2009

Bored at home on twitter, I thought I would ask all the Femme Fans what kind of girls they like. The answers varied!Enjoy!

@Mr_OhMarP –  I like fems… Beautiful fems are my #weakness

@AyePrecious – I love women in general. fem or dom. jst the fact that its a woman =)

@Plutocookiekiss – Femmes, Smart,Funny,Sence of Progression,Artsy,Charismatic,Adventerous,A Sence of self

@aTrueurbanL – I like a fem, who looks good, smells good,smart, independentcan take my attutide, has the best head game, n give me sex 5X a day

@TJaven – I like aggressive fems, boss lady at work and at home, long hair. pretty simple

@SOO_IDIOT_FRESH – i LOVE femmes..dresses;high heels;tight jeans;hair short or long(dont care as long as its done)i guess u get the picture!!

@dollmatic – not very discriminative. i love all kinda women, but i tend to be in lust w/ pretty, chunky femmes or tall, somewhat lean studs.




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