Are you straight if you dont wanna touch?

23 09 2009

     For one reason or another, this issue has become super popular in the last week or so. Alot of people have been asking  questions about this topic. Are you still considered to be a lesbian if you dont like to be touched “down there?” Isnt that part of being a lesbian? These are the kinds of questions people have been asking.

     I did a video blog on touch me not studs completely excluding the femmes who are like that too. Alot of people dont address this issue but it happens. I have heard of femmes who dont like to be touched “down there” and some who dont even prefer to touch others down there. The question is…does this make you straight? If being a lesbian is a sexuality and you are turned off by what it entails, where does that leave you?

     I think its complicated. It depends on that particular individual. Some people have self confidence issues and may just need time to find the right person who makes them feel more comfortable in there skin…..I think there are also a group of “lesbians” (callin out the Femmes now) who dont want to go down on other people or vice versa because they arent gay. They may be trying a lifestyle out because of something that has happened or some curiosity they have. These are called try sexuals and are NOT to be confused with lesbians. Lol.

     There are Studs and Femmes both who struggle with this issue everyday. If a stud doesnt like to be touched AND only uses the strap, would she be considered straight? Is she using her appearance as a way to portray a man and to control and not to compliment her sexuality? Or does she just not want to be touched because she wants to please YOU. That is a possibility. I DONT KNOW! Lol. For me, being a lesbian is about loving women sexually, physically, spiritually, and mentally. I enjoy there company, there qualities, and there “down there region” lol. Thats just me though, to each its own.

     This topic is tough because its so broad. I think love is just love. If a girl meets another girl and falls in love with her as a person, im all for that. Same with the guys. I think you should be with whoever makes your heart sing. There are too many labels and stereotypes everyone wants you to abide by in the LGBT community. Femme, butch, stud, punk, queen, trans, queer, bottom, top, Ftm….yada yada yada….. god I could go on for hours and hours with the stupid ass labels but I wont. We need to stop putting ourselves in a box and condemning each other to a life of stereotypes and false expectations to live by. You are how you are. Just be yourself. Lif is short and thats all you can do! I hope you all enjoy the blog 🙂 Please




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