Can you spot another gay person?

26 09 2009

     I’ve always said that gay people have a thing called “gaydar” that allows them to spot out other gay people in a sea of faces……When I first started working at Chilis, a saw about 5 other people I knew were gay right off top. Im a femme so its a little more difficult to tell (or so I thought), but the group of LGBT members I spotted consisted of 3 boys, 3 studs, and one who was questionable. Lol. Anyways, my coworkers informed me that they all knew I was gay from the time I hit the door to get an application. The boys AND the girls all said they could tell I was gay.

     This made me think….what was it that may me seem gay and can all other gay people spot LGBT family? The boys told me they knew I was gay by looking in my eyes. They said thats how alot of gay men identify each other also…..The women told me that the way they could tell I was gay was by the way I carried myself. Lol. Whatever that means.

     So I guess the underlying question is can you look at someone else as a gay person and tell they are gay automatically? If so, how? What is it that makes you come to that conclusion in your mind about someone else? I feel like its easier to spot a stud or a flamboyant gay man then it is a gay femme. Just my opinion though. Anyways, enjoy the blog and dont forget to leave your comments! I want to hear about your gaydar. Lol




2 responses

26 09 2009

i find it easy to tell if someone is gay… especially women… being that i am a gay woman as well.. it’s easier with studs, because of appearance, but with femmes, i have to pay attention to their manuerisms, and how they look at me and react around other women/men. im always 9/10 right on point. lol it’s weird how the “gaydar” works. even if a woman SAYS she isnt gay, her actions and looks sometimes speak otherwise.

18 02 2010
Len Cienega

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