Case of the ex

27 09 2009

     No….this is not the Mya song. Lol. This is a blog about ex’s and how annoying some of them can be. Dont they know theyre ex’s for a reason? Ok, so why do ex’s feel like they can try and talk to you after you’ve been broken up for like…..37 years? They always seem to emerge when your doing the best in your life right? Or when other people are starting to notice you. I think its pretty damn sad. If you want to keep someone around you should have done it when you had the chance. Dont come crying, and crawling and STALKING now.

     Then theres the ex who tries to make friends with everyone you associate yourself with just to piss you off. Ladies ladies ladies….its not necessarily the cutest things to be friends with your ex’s ex. For one its fake and for two its pointless. You can NEVER build a solid friendship with someone you didnt like at first. Lets get real.

     This being said….I need all the ex’s to go away. You know who you are. If someone doesnt like you or want to talk to you anymore you should respect that. If they want to reach out to you they will….no assistance needed!




3 responses

27 09 2009

I agree with you on this topic. I am dealing with an ex that keeps messing with my emotions. When I was with them, I was basically treated like a doormat. Now, that I have ended it and move on, they are soooo interested in my happiness. I feel like they should have cared when they had the chance. I have moved on to better things!

8 10 2009

I deal with this almost daily. I work around my ex so we speak to each other like hi , bye. But he always has to take my politeness as a weakness. He startS askin hella questions & tryin to hang out with me. I guess because he tried to sleep with my GF before I did he thinks we should all hang & smoke togther. so he’ll hit me askin bout where she at UGH! I even had this “friend” who he had working on the inside tellin him about my social get togethers & stuff me & her did together. It’s like he won’t except that the “us” chapter of his life is over. Even though I told him plain & simple. It’s frustrating because I love my job but i hate that he can find me there.
What to d0??

9 10 2009

I replied on the advice column 🙂

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