Is internet love real?

1 10 2009

      This is a blog about the ever controversial topic of internet love. Is it possible? Can you really meet the love of your life via Downelink, Myspace or Adam4Adam? I think everyone has dated or conversed with someone they met off the internet at least one time. Think back. Did it work out? Im guessing not. Did you meet the person and they were nothing like their profile picture? Or was it the lack of conversation you had when you actually met in person……Then you have some people who meet and it actually works out. Whether its coincidence or a good search engine is beyond me but either way they end up happy.

      My personal opinion on the topic is that its ok as long as your not expecting a marriage proposal out of the deal. Theres nothing wrong with getting to know new people. If you do want to meet someone over the web I think its important not to go about it in such a vulgar way. If  your picture is a picture of you bent over naked with a hand underneath one tit, dont be surprised if you attract weirdos, perverts, and ppl with monogamy issues who are just interested in sex or you being the girl on the side. We can at least try to be tasteful when on the web dont you think? With this being said, I wish you luck in all of your online adventures and hope you keep in mind the dangers of weirdos on the web. Lol.




One response

2 10 2009

i like what you have written on your blog. i agree w/ you. there’s nothing wrong w/ it , we should just be careful when meeting someone thru d internet…

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