When will the violence stop?

3 10 2009

     I was browsing twitter last night when I came across a message B.Scott had posted saying ATL housewife star Kandi Burruss’s fiance AJ was dead. At first I thought it was just negative publicity because alot of people had such bad things to say about the guy…..but as I did some digging and a few minutes passed, I discovered it was true.

     A sense of disgust washed over me along with a sense of sadness. When will the violence stop? Beating people to death over brawls and words exchanged? Its insane. Derion Albert was a display of the ignorance in the younger generation. The death of AJ Jewell is a display of the ignorance, self hate, and lack of role models for young men we are plagued with as an African American race. The saddest part of it all is that this isnt strange or unusual to me. Its familiar where I grew up and its familiar to many other black minorities as well.

     Nameless faces of children who have no father figure or no mother who cares about them. They have nothing to look forward to. No one to say “you can succeed.” There role models are nothing. A combination of D boys with flashy jewelry and nice cars and rappers like Lil Wayne and Jeezy who make the trap life sound “easy and glamorous.” They have nothing to lose.

     Its not an excuse…its poverty. How do you succeed in a world where parents show such hate against their kids and find more value in finding love and relationships then a good college for there kids to attend? As ive said before, you cant control everything your kids do but you can raise them to be good people with morals, value, and a goal or ambition. It starts with us.

     Weve got to do better people. Take responsibility for your actions. Realize that you can do whatever you set your mind to if you stay focused. Something has got to give or we are going to kill each other off. Nothing is promised. Just live and love. Please. Stop the hate.




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