2 Couples are better than one ♥

7 10 2009

I normally only post one couple of the week but after reading these couples bio’s, I decided to have to. These are two amazing couples and its great to see people stick throught the hard times with the one they love. Enjoy!


Couple #1– Her name is Keya and mine is Phresh she is 20 and I’m 19. Weve been together for about 5 months and we’ve known each other 4 years about 5 years and really bonded as friends first. She was mч first and we have a very strong connection. Her,our lil man and myself go real good together as a family.We’re in luv and I believe she is the one.I major in business marketing management and minor in physical therapy as well as work while she does the same but her major is nursing.We are both from nyc and ummm idk we both are leo’s.

Couple#2– TJay and Paris……. We have been together for 5 years, since the age of 17. Have seen and been through it all, coming out, break up to make ups, to trying to make it long distance. TJay moved to Texas from California and after a year apart Paris followed, now 5 yrs strong we don’t plan to split ever again.




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