Femme of the week ♥

7 10 2009



Name: SinfullyGrinch
Status: Single
Bio: I am Jersey raised and bred. I attended The Art Institute in NY
for fashion design and sketching. I wear my art as an outfit and all
over my skin, hand drawing my tattoos. Although I have a knack for art
I discovered my passion is medicine and healthcare. A year ago I
started my career as a NJ EMT doing 911 response and personal medical
transport. Education is the name of my game and I plan on continuing
education until I take my last breath. I am goal
oriented,determined,and independent femme with the persona of a stud.
I consider myself something like a goofball. Purely a lover and not a
fighter. I have a heart of gold and an old soul. Love is my
kryptonite. I am nothing special but I will never be simply basic.

Contact : www.twitter.com/Sinfullygrinch




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