Lisa Raye and Al Sharpton?

7 10 2009


Whats tea LGBT family? Lisa Raye has begun dating Rev. Al Sharpton and the two claim to be very happy. Wow. There are going to be alot of women in LGBT land with broken hearts! Who doesnt love the beautiful Lisa Raye (aka Diamond). Ah well. Another one butes the dust. What do you think Femme fans? Is this for love , status, or money?




2 responses

7 10 2009

what the hell! oh uh uhhhhh, this is ridiculous! i’m not heart broken, i’m disappointed.

19 10 2009

Idk know if its so much money or status, because Lisa Raye has a fan base all her own. In my opinion its a step down. Yes he may what to stand up for every black cause in America, but he is so ghetto and lacks much class. When he speaks he sounds very uneducated. To go from royalty to him… What does that say about you? I hope its all lies, because i expect much more from her.
However, if they are happy, then more power to them. Who am i to judge.


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