Stud of the week!

7 10 2009


Hey Femme fans! Ready to see your new Stud and Femme of the week? Lets start with the stud….

Name: Courtney

Age: 27

Status: Single

Bio: Born in Detroitand went to Howard University and the Art Institute of Atlanta for audio production. Lived in ATL 4 years after college…. Moved out to Cali Dec 2007 and have two beautiful children Alijah and Aliyah (stay with their mom). I am an iPhone Tech Support Supervisor for Apple Inc and I get to work from home! I am 1 out of 3 members of the hip hop group MLS (Major League Spittaz) and I am also a radio personality on the online hip hop radio station KUMS FM. Live in the Arden area of Sacramento, CA and love to have a good time and make money while i do it 🙂





One response

5 11 2009

cute . cute.. is one thing to look nice but its another to be succesful tooo

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