Tyler Perry opens up about his demons….

7 10 2009


Hello Femme fans. As many of you have heard, Tyler Perry has begun talking about some of the traumatic things that happened to him as a young boy.  Perry tells press that after watching a screening of the movie “Precious”, it took him down a painful road of memories from his childhood that he was forced to look in the face again. There was a change. He felt empowered this time. Out of these memories came an AMAZING letter he posted on his website. The first excerpt begins as follows:

“I know I’ve been a little quiet lately but I’ve been in silent reflection, quiet meditation, and prayer. Turning 40 is such a blessing. Especially because as I child I always thought I would die before I grew up.”

Perry explains why he chose to tell his story to everyone and continues with a heart wrenching review of molestation, abuse, and a broken home. Perry explains his shock when he found out his father was molesting a neighborhood friend.He also talks about a friends mother who came on to him when he was only 10 years of age and his faher abusing his mother in the car or a ride from California all the way to Louisiana……

“Like, when I was very young, my mother decided to leave my father…she had had enough of his insanity. She loaded me and my two sisters up in an old Cadillac that he had bought for her, and drove to California. When he realized she was gone, he called the police and reported the car stolen, as it was in his name. My mother was arrested and my two sisters and I were put in the cell with her. He and my uncle drove from Louisiana to California to get us. We spent several days in jail waiting for him. He bailed her out and couldn’t wait to get her into the car. He got into the back seat with us and beat her black and blue from California to Louisiana, as me and my sisters watched  Even though I was only two or three, I know that this had to have some effect on me.”

Tyler Perry is an AMAZING and talented gift on this earth. His words are inspiring and we all admire him even more now that he has shared his story. He is human and has demons just like the rest of us. His story is just another example of how you can make it as long ans you have god in your life and believe in yourself. Tyler Perry closed his letter with this message to readers:

“If you’re having a hard time getting over something in your life, maybe you can try forgiveness too. It’s not easy, but it does bring forth healing. I know that there are a lot of people out there with stories far worse than mine but you, too, can make it. To those of you who have, welcome to life. I celebrate you. We’re all PRECIOUS in His sight.”

Thanks for sharing your story Tyler. Its inspiring.

Visit www.tylerperry.com to view full story




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