LGBT Artist AquariZ….

8 10 2009


Who is AquariZ? 

Tagged with the characteristics of the zodiac sign under which she is born, AquariZ is an MC known for her originality and intellectual lyrics on the mic with style and finesse that keeps them coming back for more. Born February 13th 1988, in Norwich CT, this female artist currently spends her down time traveling between Eastern CT and NY. Rapping at the age of six and writing her own rhymes by the age of 12, she credits such greats as Big Pun and Tupac as her musical influences.

 AquariZ gives a new definition to the term lesbian MC with her strong delivery and no holds barred approach. “I’m proud to be a lesbian MC cause its part of who I am. I will never have someone tell me I can’t speak up on something especially if it’s a part of my life.” Currently unsigned AquariZ is in search of a loyal label to push her music out to the world the right way Whether it’s a performance at the Saturday Swagger-Club 645 or performing at various house parties, AquariZ’s sexual preference doesn’t hinder the fact that she’s ill on the mic and her signature name with the Capital A down to the capital Z always commands respect from start to finish.  

From her first CD AquariZ Presents: DeepSydez Finest The Beginning” Mixtape Vol. 1 which is currently sold out, to AquariZ “Space Invader” Mixtape Vol. 5 which is currently in the making, AquariZ has a goal to become a legend in all of her endeavors. She is also the owner of the company AquariZ Creationz, where custom made graphic designing has been her specialty for over seven years. Check out her

designs @ For all the loyal die hard AquariZ fans, by invitation only can they become a member of her VIP fan site. In addition to exclusive AquariZ info pictures and her latest CD AquariZ “Remix Mayhem” Mixtape Vol. 4 the site also includes additional CDs, clothing, and jewelry available for purchase. Email for your personal invite to her fan site or for questions about her custom designs. AquariZ, AKA Ms. You Know What It Is! tells it like it is. Cop your CD today. (Music Page) (Design Page) (Contact)




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10 10 2009

Thanks so much! Love the site! 🙂

10 10 2009


10 01 2010

I love your video sweet dreams you gotta take your music to the “norm” stores and advertise it. your music is hot. why isn’t your video on youtube under studs or butches, no both. anyway good luck and maybe you can look into one of those work from home business’s to push you… I’m doing and I have very high hopes for making goood money.

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