17 year old High school student protest yearbook picture!

16 10 2009


Theres alot of drama surrounding a school in Jackson Mississippi this week. 17 year old Ceara Sturgis was told she could not where a tuxedo in her Senior Pictures in her high school yearbook. The teengaer was outraged and has been voicing her dissaproval towards the school and there unfair ethics.

I feel like I’m not important, that the school is dismissing who I am as a gay student and that they don’t even care about me. All I want is to be able to be me, and to be included in the yearbook,” Sturgis said in a statement.”

Sturgis mother told school officials and press that her daughter is a lesbian and has never been an extremely feminine person. She doesnt feel like she should have to change who she is for anyone. Fam make sure you go to the link and contact the school to support this school. This is a start! write them a letter, call them or email them! Our voices will be heard!

Link to article




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