New Morehouse dress code is homophobic…..

20 10 2009


LGBT news seems like its revolving more and more around the homophobia that partakes at schools. Howard University is trying to pass a new dress code banning students from wearing a variety of male fashion accessories ( du rags, grills & sunglasses) as well as any types of women clothing. It sounds crazy to me to even have factored that into any dress code but, whatever. These are the rules they want to enforce:

1. No caps, do-rags and/or hoods in classrooms, the cafeteria, or other indoor venues. This policy item does not apply to headgear considered as a part of religious or cultural dress.

2. Sun glasses or “shades” are not to be worn in class or at formal programs, unless medical documentation is provided to support use.

3. Decorative orthodontic appliances (e.g. “grillz”) be they permanent or removable, shall not be worn on the campus or at College-sponsored events.

4. Jeans at major programs such as, Opening Convocation, Commencement, Founder’s Day or other programs dictating professional, business casual attire, semi-formal or formal attire.

5. Clothing with derogatory, offense and/or lewd messages either in words or pictures.

6. Top and bottom coverings should be work at all times. No bare feet in public venues.

7. No sagging–the wearing of one’s pants or shorts low enough to reveal undergarments or secondary layers of clothing.

8. Pajamas, shall not be worn while in public or in common areas of the College.

9. No wearing of clothing associated with women’s garb (dresses, tops, tunics, purses, pumps, etc.) on the Morehouse campus or at College-sponsored events.

10. Additional dress regulations may be imposed upon students participating in certain extracurricular activities that are sponsored or organized by the College (e.g. athletic teams, the band, Glee Club, etc).

11. The college reserves the right to modify this policy as deemed appropriate.

While the fact they want to stay professional and clean should be applauded, the outright homophobia and direspect towards peoples freedom of self expression is ridicolous. For one, how do you tell a bunch of grown ass men that they cant wear whatever attire they feel most comfortable in? Whatever happened to freedom to express yourself? The fact that Morehouse is so critical of people based off of apperance makes me wonder…. and not in a good way.

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20 10 2009

Wow, so i was hearing about this on Michael Baisden’s radio show yesterday, and it made me so mad. Students from Clark Atlanta and other AUC (i think thats right) were calling in upset at how “ridiculous” the boys at morehouse have become.

I was mad because 1) what happened to individualism?? so what if these boys want to dress like females??? if they are at morehouse that means they’re just as qualified as any other male at the school to be there true or false?

the AUC students were complaining that they’re dresscode is falling down on them because its now limiting what they can wear at their respective schools. Okay, understandable i can see why that is upsetting, but still. . .

Im all for the LGBT community obiviously. And guys, if they’re going to dress like females, wear micros tracks or lace fronts or what have you, then they should keep it classy at least. I remember one girl saying the boys come to class with mini skirts and mid-driff shirts. Yes that is unacceptable because i would hate to see a female come to class like that. so they should keep it classy if they’re going to dress like that. Lastly, i love a good looking stud but if we’re going to ban guys from dressing like females , then don’t let females dress like boys. Its only “fair”. My main thing, however, is, no matter how you dress, if you’re qualified to be there, you’re qualified point blank period. The rule in itself is ridiculous, let people be who they are, if it bothers you, get over and do you, or hell, transfer!

lol, im off my soap box now.

23 09 2014
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