So you think your a Harajuku Barbie?

20 10 2009


Alright Femme fans. Theres been an epidemic of basic bitches reffering to themselves as *Fill in the blank ____ Minaj and _____ Barbie. Aside from the idea of giving yourself a nickname being totally LAME, the source of the plague is even worse.  Let me start by listing the main issue with this “Barbie” outbreak.

1. Nicki Minaj was NOT the first person in the entertainment industry to bring about the Harajuku idea. Gwen Stefani was. She has a whole damn Harajuku Lovers clothing line/perfume line/accessory line…etc etc.

2. About 85 % of the girls claiming they are “Barbie” like are actually the complete opposite and cant even spell Harajuku.

3. The only reason people want to be “Barbies” is because a mediocre “bi sexual” rapper who doesnt look as f*&^!d up as Lil Kim raps with little Wayne and has a big ass (like every other Compton cutie or NY chick ive ever seen) said she was one.

And last but not least, it lacks creativity. STOP BEING SHEEP PEOPLE! If you like her music good, fine, but NO grown woman should be running around calling themselves Barbie if it’s not selling YOU records…..Which makes me stop and think, how many has she sold??? With that being said, DEATH to the last name Barbie and Minaj!





5 responses

20 10 2009
Amiii Phaiye

LMAO!!!! Haha that’s so true. This chick I used to go to college with and her friends call themselves ____ Minaj and I’m like really???

20 10 2009
Gabrielle Elizabeth

Well, I suppose I’ll start with Nicki Minaj’s ass. It is big as a mother fukka and I like it! LOL! Let’s move on though…to the subject of her skill. I do think she is a talented artist. She is very different from all the other female rappers we’ve been seeing in the past 5 years; maybe even longer! I like her music, and I have never been a fan of female rappers, ever! I like how colorful and animated she is. As far as the “Barbie” thing goes I would have to say that it’s cute FOR HER. Its cute for some other girls as well. I despise swagger jackers, but I think they’re just being fans. Thats what young fans do. I’m a Barbie. Not because of Nicki Minaj at all!!! It started long before Miss Minaj was in peoples cd players. I have had the nickname(not self given either, lol) since I was a kid. I had the logo tatooed on me about 5 yrs ago. I was an adult. It fits me. I love makeup, pink, dressing up in fancy clothes and bikinis, and Ive always been known for it. I’m tall, I’m thin, and I have a big rack(LOL), so I personally identify with the icon. Does that make me lame? Of course not, that was rhetorical because I’m a cool ass cat. Ha ha ha:-) I guess all of this high typing is just to say I like her a lot and I think she’s more than mediocre…and I think that the “Harajuku Barbie thing” is just a term to describe her style…japanese, high fashion glam. She’s probably just being a little conceited and saying she’s as cute as a doll…don’t we all do that?

31 10 2009
Honey Minaj "The Harajuku Barbie"
31 10 2009

BITCH IDK who the fuck you think you are, but this is MY website and if you dont like what I have to say then you can move the FUCK around. You arent a fuckin Barbie, and u have no Idea about the history of Harajuku shit. So get off my fuckin website of you dont like what I have to say about Nikki Minaj and her WHACK ASS FUCKIN MUSIC. I dont tolerate ignorant hoes. Thank you and goodbye

26 03 2010

Ask me if your on a power trip ….

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