Halloween costume competition!

23 10 2009


Femme fans! I am happy to tell you about the FIRST ANNUAL HALLOWEEN COMPETITION! Who’s excited? I am! Heres how it works! Email me a picture of you in your halloween costume along with your name and an extra contact. From there 3 contestants with the best costumes will be chosen and the LGBT community will get to vote! The winner will be announced November 2nd  and will Recieve a FREE set of L Word Season 6 DVD’s ! This is just a way to say thanks for supporting TheFemme 🙂 Get your submission in as soon as possible! Voting will take place on November 1st so get your picture in before then! Good luck and good looks!

Email: thefemme@the-femme.com




2 responses

30 10 2009

o hell yea!!! ok i got you. will send a pic on nov 1st. i have to wake up first… 🙂 or is that too late 😦

31 10 2009

Thats not too late! Cant wait to see ur costume!

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