More on TT and Perez….

23 10 2009


Ok! So ive got ALL the teas on Perez Hilton and TT’s beef. Apparently Teyana Taylor did an interview with Vibe magazine where she was defending Chris Brown and gave multiple reasons for why she stands by his sode as an artist and a friend.

“A lot of people were jumping on different bandwagons and I really felt like that was wack. Before the incident between him and Rihanna. Chris had always been my brother. When we met we clicked instantly from our fashion styles to our love of basketball to dancing to everything. I’ve known him for four years and I was one of the only people that stood by his side when the situation happened.”

This was just one of the excerpts from the interview TT did with Vibe magazine.

Perez Hilton didnt care for the interview or what she was trying to say and blogged about her on his notorious site, . He headlined the blog with “Dumb butch defends Chris Beat her down” and reffered to the rapper as “Chris Browns constant tag along.”

Oooohhh s#&t! Talk about some spilled tea. Follow Perez and TT on twitter to get the inside scoop on there beef! Click Here to see Perez’s blog on TT.




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