Perez Hilton calls Teyana Taylor a bitch?

23 10 2009

While browsing twitter today, a friend tweeted me and said that the Fat, NASTY ,ugly man trash aka Perez Hilton called Teyana Taylor a dumb bitch. Is he serious? Who’s really the dumb bitch here? Blogger Neicole Bitchie defended her friend and proceeded to have an altercation with Perez as well. Here is the tweet Neicole Bitchie posted:

RT @perezhilton calling @teyanataylor a dumb bitch = OUT OF LINE!>>

T.T. remaining cool, calm and collected tweets in response to fat ass…I mean Perez:

yea i seen that @perezhilton called me a dumb bitch however he not even worth the entertainment of a response. in his book im sure thats>>

I dont know what the hell is going on with Perez and why he’s lashing out at T.T but I dont think he wants to pick a fight within the communtiy. Get it together big boy!




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