Are you the jealous type?

24 10 2009


Femme want to know if your the jealous type. Listed below are a few signs that you may be the jealous girlfriend! Never fear ladies! TheFemme is going to help you kick your jealous ways!

You may be a jealous girl if:

1.Your constantly watching other women and the surroundings when you and your girl go out to make sure no one else is looking at what you’ve got.

2.You check your lovers phone regularly, hoping to catch them doing something wrong.

3.Your not comfortable with your lover going out with friends or family unless you go with them.

4. You dont like to go out to gay clubs because you dont want anyone looking at your girlfriend.

5. Your constantly accusing your significant other of cheating even though you have no hard evidence and never have.

These are just a few signs that you may be a jealous girlfriend. The key to a good relationship is TRUST and communication. If you dont  trust  the person you are dating then insecurity and jealousy can and WILL rear its ugly head. The important thing to remember is that if you dont trust someone, you have NO business being with them. It will only cause you both a world of heartache and pain! If your suffering from jealousy and need some help consult yourself. Lol. While it sounds funny, the best thing to do may be to look inside yourself and see whats going on that makes you not trust people. Everyone is entitled to having a good relationship and being happy. You deserve it just as much as anyone else!Good luck ladies!





One response

30 10 2009

yay!!! im not a jelly person!!!!

another sign is-
insecure when they are around there past lovers.

ok maybe ima lil jelly 😦

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