Can exotic dancers be gay and strip?

24 10 2009


Ok….here comes the controversy. I came across a blog on you tube done by two studs ( who obviously have a bad habit of chasing straight girls) who were saying that if your a lesbian and a dancer, your not gay. Not only are you not gay, but you must enjoy “clapping your ass” in front of a room full of men. Now i’ll leave them anonymous (for there sake), but I do want to address this topic from an educated persons point of view who has actually been there and done that.

First of all, dancers and just that. They dance. It is an adult form of entertainment and it should not be confused or misconstrued as anything else. While there are some girls who do extra things for money, there are more who dont. Let me also remind you that there are dirty people in every profession. This is no different.

Alot of gay women find it easier to dance then being straight and dancing because there are no temptations there to date or sleep with cutomers. No TRUE lesbian, stripper or not will sleep with some man just for money or pretty gifts. It stays business and it stays professional.

A large amount of dancers are either gay or bisexual. Alot of the girls who are bisexual were turned on to women from being in the strip club atmosphere or being tired of the crazy pig men who come in and harass them. A fellow dancer once told me “If me and my husband werent already together before I started dancing, we wouldnt have gotten married. Men are pigs!”  Alot of dancers who are straight feel this way and end up turning to women.

Stripping is a full proof job. You can always find somewhere to work regardless of what city or state your in. Theres no training involved,no papers to fill out, and the money is WAY above average. There are MANY MORE REASONS girls strip besides the one people like to throw out there which is “being on drugs or sleeping with the customers.” Some girls are in school, some are working of debt, and some are just damn good entertainers that enjoy making a lot of money. Whatever the reason is, know that it has NOTHING to do with there sexuality. Its all a big act! Its a job!

With this being said, I hope your better enlightened on the topic of whether a dancer can actually be gay or not. Anyone who says otherwise is an idiot and has probably only stepped foot inside of a strip club once or twice and formed an IGNORANT opinion off of some inner jealousy or bad experience with a dancer whom they have dated before. Remember that people are just people. If you got a girl who wa “gay” and went off to screw a customer a week later, thats THAT girl. Dont categorize the girls who are doing things the right way. Thanks for your time! Please leave a comment!

P.S.  F.Y.I most male strippers are gay also 🙂  Just thought you should know! Lol




3 responses

24 10 2009

whoever these studs were that made this vblog are absolutely full of shit and ignorant… stripping is merely a means of income. it has absolutely nothing to do with sexuality.

26 10 2009

Well put friend!

30 10 2009

You know its interesting because our community is the first to judge, when we ourselves dont want to be judged.
Stripping, if only stripping, is just like acting. How about gay women who act in straight rolls? Are they not gay either? Why because the role was entitled to do a sex scene?
It stupid if i may be blunt.

There are so many rules as to what makes you gay or not, but the moment a woman kisses another woman shes bi sexual. What the fuck? Make up your mind.

I also find it interesting that the women in our community that point the fingers the most are usually aggressives, butches, etc. It seems they set a standard for all “gay” woman because they are they way they are.
But i promise you- they drool over straight women like Lisa Raye and Stacy Dash and would be with them quicker then flies on shit.
so much bull..

sorry… this just pissed me off.

love you boo. 🙂

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