Beyonce and Lady Gaga are teaming up….twice!

26 10 2009


Wonderful news for Beyonce fans and Lady Gaga fans! The two divas will be teaming up together to rock the music world two different times this fall! The first collab will be on Beyonce’s music video for the single “Video phone.” The second collab will be on a single from Lady Gaga’s The Fame Monster album.The single is titles “Telephone.” Yaayy! Lets hear it for the girls! Gaga has also released a detailed track listing of her new album which ive listed below!

1. Bad Romance 04:55
2. Alejandro 04:37
3. Monster 04:09
4. Speechless 04:30
5. Dance In The Dark 04:48
6. Telephone (Featuring Beyonce) 03:40
7. So Happy I Could Die 03:55
8. Teeth 03:40

Make sure you support the talented ladies to the fullest!




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