NFL player Larry Johnson is a deuche bag!

27 10 2009


Take a good look at the photos above and remember this mans face….he is a homophobic DECUCHE BAG! NFL player Larry Johnson had some very homophobic statements to make to fans and press. Ahhh is the baby hostile because his team sucks? Too bad! Johnson told press “get your faggot asses out of here” when they approached him for questioning before he entered the locker room. Later on that night, deeuche bag was on twitter and called a fan a “fag” and proceeded to tell him “think bout a clever diss then that wit ur fag pic. Christopher street boy. Is what us east coast cats call u.” Christopher Street is considered the “gay” area in NYC.

Well Larry, you sound like a fucking closet case in my opinion. Maybe he needs to focus on his ball game rather than who’s screwing who since his weak ass team isnt doing to well right now! Ah well, ignorance is bliss! I hope LGBT members do NOT support this man ANYMORE!




One response

30 10 2009

ugh! another asshole to add to the collection.

The problem is not only does he see no problem in what he says, but gay people use those statements too.

two studs together? eww thats mad gay, mad homo. fuck outta here.

if we cant learn to accept our entire community no one else will…

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