Hello Kitty goes goth for Halloween!

27 10 2009


Hello kitty fans have you heard the news? Hello Kitty has become anatomically correct for the Halloween holiday! The dolls show off all of Hello Kitty’s adorable insides and is available in the aged ivory color, or the original color (listed on the left.) How cute! Thank designer Dr. Romanelli for his cool idea and design ūüôā

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Are you ready for Rihanna?

27 10 2009


Drum roll please!!! Heres the official album cover from Ri Ri’s new Album. She looks beautiful as always! Still giving us Gaga but she does look good. Make sure you purchase her album when it hits stores November 23rd!

NFL player Larry Johnson is a deuche bag!

27 10 2009


Take a good look at the photos above and remember this mans face….he is a homophobic DECUCHE BAG! NFL player Larry Johnson had some very homophobic statements to make to fans and press. Ahhh is the baby hostile because his team sucks? Too bad! Johnson told press “get your faggot asses out of here” when they approached him for questioning before he entered the locker room. Later on that night, deeuche bag was on twitter and called a fan a “fag” and proceeded to tell him ‚Äúthink bout a clever diss then that wit ur fag pic. Christopher street boy. Is what us east coast cats call u.‚ÄĚ Christopher Street is¬†considered the “gay” area in NYC.

Well Larry, you sound like a¬†fucking closet case in my opinion. Maybe he needs to focus on his ball game rather than who’s screwing who since his weak ass team isnt doing to well right now! Ah well, ignorance is bliss! I hope LGBT members do NOT support this man ANYMORE!

Disney star Raven Symone is looking Fabolous

27 10 2009



OOOooohhh SH!T¬†ladies! Check out Raven¬†Symone! She’s looking uber hot!¬† The Disney star has had ¬†a reputation for having issues with her weight for a while now and has battled fluctuating weight in the public eye. Well she’s back and sexier than ever! The young actress reminds me a little of a younger Lisa Raye in the face! Keep up the good work Raven! The LGBT community is behind¬†her and the healthy lifestyle¬†she’s maintaining.

Real and Chance picked HOTTIES!!

27 10 2009

The season finale of The Real Chance of Love aired today (thank GOD its the last one!) and I must say, the boys picked some hot ladies!¬†Real chose Boston native “Doll” and Chance chose ¬†the sexy swagged out “Hot Wings.” Congrats ladies! Keep it sexy!

LGBT movie “Out at the Wedding”

27 10 2009



How much arguing is too much arguing?

27 10 2009



Lately it seems like alot of really solid couples have been breaking up or arguing more than normal over some petty things. Everyone knows its normal for couples to have disagreements from time to time but how much arguing is too much?

Lets begin to think about the reasons why we choose to argue over the topics we pick to argue about. Is it actually something major or is it¬† something minor that could probably just be over looked to prevent an argument……Arguments are damaging to relationships and should¬† NOT be made a part of any couples routine. Keep arguing to a minimum. Your relationship will last SO much longer.

If your in a relationship where your arguing every day and stressed out all of the time, you need to evaluate the reasons why your dealing with what your dealing with and make sure its worth whatever heartache your having to deal with. If it is, the two of you definitely need to address the issues before they get worse. Sometimes breaks are needed and if a break does come up, true love will draw you back together in the end. Cherish your relationships and take no one for granted!