B.Scott- Cold Case love skit

29 11 2009

Stacey Dash has a message for you

29 11 2009

Ok…So I did a little poll asking who was more attractive out of Stacy Dash and Kim Kardashian and the results were over whelming! EVERYONE had something to say about the two and Stacy Dash was the winner by far. She also had a few comments for the people who responded to the question….Lol. No her umm lady part is not wrinkly and yes, she knows she’s the baddest chick and dont ever forget that! Lol.

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A few good movies….

29 11 2009

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L Word interrogation tapes- Helena Peabody

29 11 2009

Lady Gaga performs Bad Romance on Ellen♥

29 11 2009

Lady Gaga takes on itunes!

29 11 2009

Good new for my Lady Gaga lovers! Our pop diva has topped itunes with the leading number of downloads since its release on the 23rd of this month! Lady Gaga is the s#$t! Yaay for gaga!

T.T. looks good on the set!

25 11 2009

Our urban socialite Teyana Taylor twit pic’d this picture of herself earlier today…. Such a cutie!! We cant wait to see more of her!!!