Rihanna does Glamour Magazine….

4 11 2009


Ok ladies…..Not only is Rihanna speaking out about the Chris Brown beat down to ABC & 20/20, the singer has also already done an interview with Glamour magazine (who then named her woman of the year.) Question. Am I the only one wh’s noticed all this “speaking out” she wants to do now that she has an album about to hit stores? I think its BULLSHIT and insulting to women who are victims of domestic violence every day. Using her story to increase her record sales is not only TACKY, but its insulting and shows just how desperate celebs are to stay in the limelight….Heres an idea, how about making a good song? That works too.





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4 11 2009

sooooooooooo now i see your point! and i agree! very tacky and insulting to women who deal with the same! she gon’ mess round’ and catch anotha one (ok that wasn’t nice), but i agree that the timing is very WRONG, and tasteless! her situation is extremely sad alongside the many other women who live this daily but it’s not just what you say, but how, when & where you say it!

*Lipstick kisses*

5 11 2009

Honestly Aryka,
This chic is a mess, Fly as hell but a mess. and the shit is, i will tune into 20/20 cause i want to hear her side as most people will. I will not buy her album though. I have standards. lol.
Not siding with either one, but it saddens my heart!
had i not seen the pics myself i wouldnt have believed any of the story.


5 11 2009

My opinion is this. She would have been doing all of these things had the incident with Chris Brown not happened earlier this year. She would be doing video shoots, photo shoots, interviews and engaged in a marketing campaign for her new album. She would be fielding questions from the media about the situation whether or not she came forward to speak out. With that said, why is it not a bad time to speak out about domestic violence?

October 2009 was domestic violence month, she has an album dropping shortly, and it’s been 8 months of absolute silence from her end. That, in my opinion, has been the hardest thing to understand for me — not speaking out does more harm than good regardless of what you’ve got going on. The one thing I can agree with is that she should have been speaking out while she was making this album, but I won’t fault her for doing something that most people and all entertainers do everyday. Capitalize from successes and failures. It’s never not a bad time to speak out against domestic violence. People write books and have movies made about their lives all the damn time, and what do you know, they make money off of it because people are interested in hearing their story.

I don’t own any of Rihanna or Chris Brown’s albums so I have no bias except as it relates to the physical abuse, which Chris has also been exposed to in his life. This story is sad for all involved.

5 11 2009

very well put 🙂 Thank you for your comment

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