Is She by Sheree She by SheGAY?

5 11 2009


So was I the only one who noticed when a  fan inquired and questioned Sheree about her sexuality during the reunion? I had never really thought thought twice about whether she was straight or not butit makes you wonder! What do you guys think?!?! Gay by Sheree? Lol




3 responses

5 11 2009

lmao! No offense, but the heterosexuals can have her.

I do kinda wish Kandi was gay with her sexy self.

5 11 2009
Lady E

It funny cause I had watch a episode of her show and I was like hmmm…gay?? it was something about her or how she reacted to something that made me question. and then she was asked on the reunion after. Crazy but Who knows…

21 11 2009
fred escalator

Sheree looks like a man

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