Broken hearted…shedding tears? Its ok…

12 11 2009


Ive been noticing a lot af my lovies sad and down and out over heartbreak! Although theres  no cure, or overnight remedy to stop the way you feel after a break up, there are a few things ive found have helped ease my heartache and I want you all to give it a try!

The main thing people should focus on after a break up is themselves. Often times people get caught up in trying to rush back on to the dating scene just because they’ve acquired the new “single” label. What happened to just working on yourself? Taking “me” time? All a new person is is a distraction from facing yourself and the feelings being alone is forcing you to deal with. Its a terrible snowball effect…DONT DO IT!

An exercise Ive done is to literally write down all the things in my life that make me feel good. Food, songs, walking outside on a nice day, my favorite places to eat or shop. I write them down and remind myself of the things that have always made me smile and will continue to do so….

NO matter how sad or down you get, try to get out and get out of the slump or depression you may be in. Dont sit at home and look pitiful even though thats what we all like to do. Lol. Get out. Force yourself to get out. Allow yourself to regain closeness and intimacy with your family and friends. Try to keep your mind of off the situation at hand.

The last thing I want to tell everyone to do is just pray. Pray it will get better and over time…it will. Whether she/he comes back to mend your broken hearts, or you find someone better, you’ll come out a winner in the end.Stay strong! This too shall pass….




One response

3 12 2009

sure wish id read this years ago! so thankful im not bitter!

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