Tila Tequila….a lesbian?

12 11 2009


Today has been a very interesting day on twitter….The morning started with Omarion talking about why ho doesnt deal with bisexual girls and ended with Tila Tequila claiming she’s a full-blown lesbian now. Hmmph. Im slightly confused…

I did a little digging and it turns out Tila was assaulted by her ex boyfriend about 2 months ago and started claiming she was a lesbian after that encounter…The celeb tweeted earlier and seemed pretty upset about fans and spectators saying some pretty ugly things about her being a newly found “lesbian.”

Tila has always been bisexual so its not hard to imagine her crossing over into the “lesbian” world and ditching them all together. Whether she’s doing this for publicity, a way to stay away from men since she was hurt by one, or out of true feelings, I dont think we should be too hard on her. Suprising right??

My issue with her isnt who she’s sleeping with…..its simply the way she caries herself…and its slutty to say the LEAST. If she is going to represent our community, she needs to do better….Just my opinion!




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