Donnie Mcclurkin is a Douche bag…and a bottom

15 11 2009


Well well well, talk about QUEENING out! Ive never realized what a moron this guy is. I watched a you tube video from a sermon he did on and I could only listen for about 4 minutes before I decided “this guy is a fucking moron.” Wow. What killed me was that after he was done spreading his lies and hate, he talked about how he’s a “former” gay. Lol. are you serious?? So denying yourself of your true sexuality solved all the problems you had in your life and made you ability to love good shine through?? Why does this sound like a load of CRAP to me? Scientist and psychologist have already openly stated that theres no such thing as ex gays. All that this so-called “ex gays” do is suppress the feelings that there having and then act rebellious against the lifestyle because there pissed off they can’t act out the way they really want to anymore. If thats what you choose to do then fine. But dont go spreading lies and fucking hate around about a lifestyle you once were involved with. If god doesnt like gays, he doesnt like hypocrites and liars either and I can guarantee you that. It’s sad people like this are tearing away any foundation for POSITIVE black role models to all these gay black children we have. It’s sad to see someone in the church make people feel so unwelcome and unloved, and its sad to see some BOTTOM running around in front of a congregation LYING! F%$k you Donnie Mcclurkin! For being a freakin idiot.




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