A few good musicians….

17 11 2009

The Alliance Volume 1: Compilation Album

For Immediate Press Release:

Contact: BossDivas Entertainment


PH: 404.633.3980
For immediate release:       

BossDivas Entertainment and Arrogant Entertainment have collaborated to release a compilation album called  The Alliance: Volume 1 on December 5th, 2009. The Alliance consists of  the hottest, most talented, and most sought out artists, DJs, and promoters in the LGBT community.

They went down to Miami and got DJ Dimples, then up to NY with Siya and Hollywood then over to New Jersey with Khaos da Rapper and of course back down south to  New Orleans to get Lookalive. And who else would make it complete other than Tomboy Fresh crew, DJ D Soul, Eazy the Great, and the one and only Fiona Simone that has the west coast going crazy right now. Even though they each bring a special and unique sound to The Alliance they all have one thing in common, their awesome talent and love for real music.

The Alliance: Volume One will create a sense of unity in the LGBT entertainment industry.  It is just the beginning of a movement and drastic change in the music industry. The Alliance compilation album will be available at the launch party on December 5th, 2009 in Atlanta, GA.               

For more information:
Ashley Stephens
Public Relations Coordinator




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