Gay teen in Puerto Rico brutally murdered

17 11 2009

It’s a sad say in Puerto Rico and the LGBT community. Nineteen year old LGBT boy Jorge Lopez was found beaten, burned, and decapitated a few miles away from his home. This is reportedly the first time any gay hate crimes have been openly acknowledged in Puerto Rico. What makes the situation even sadder is the fact that police investigator on the case was making comments like “people who lead this type of lifestyle need to be aware that this will happen.” Ummm…we think not sir. His murderer was found and claimed the reason for the murder was not on purpose and that he was trying to pick up a woman and was upset when he discovered Jorge wasnt a woman. He claims he was in prison years before that and had a flashback from when he was in jail and was raped by another inmate……Well sir, it looks like your going right back to where you cam from. JAIL AND, even if the man was startled by what he found, what the hell was he doing trying to pick up a woman in the red light district?? I really hope justice is served in this case…..This is very sad and Jorge’s parents and family are in our prayers. People have really got to do better. To read the full article click here




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