John Mayer speaks highly of gay clubs

17 11 2009


Browsing I noticed an interesting statement John Mayer made that was posted on the site about attending gay clubs and why you should attend one if you havent already!

“If you are a man in life and you haven’t gone to a gay bar, you haven’t really danced. Because you’re talking about a bar full of men without that dumb, alpha-male, ego, pushing, shouldering… you can actually have a great time without worrying in this sort of alpha-dog defensive position of like, who’s over here, who’s gonna try and come up, and who’s gonna talk shit, and who’s gonna do this and do that. You can actually just go and have a great time. We did have such a great time, to hear that somebody had written a story that I was getting kisses planted on me, it just sort of reduces it to that real stereotypical…you know that’s why I wrote, after that I was like nobody’s more aggressive than drunk white chicks. They’re terrible.”

Lol. Nicely put Mayer. You heard the man! Go to a gay bar!




One response

17 11 2009

Point well taken, haha, “nobody’s more aggressive than drunk white chicks”

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