The Illuminati….real or myth?

19 11 2009

Ok guys and gals….where do I even start? As you all know im a HUGE Lady Gaga fan. I pay attention to any press surrounding her whether it be good or bad. Lately a lot of people have been saying things about the singer that are some what disturbing. What was even MORE disturbing were the details and information that emerged while I was researching to see what was going on with Lady Gaga….. So I bet you’re wondering what the “controversy” is right? Here we go……

The Illuminati are an elite group of people whose goal is to keep money, fame, fortune, success, and basically anything having to do with power within their circle. The Illuminati are NOT a myth. They are very real and thrive around us each day.They crave a New World Order where everything is ran by them. The rich stay rich, the middle class become poor, and the poor die out. Illuminati is a faith that worships Horus. In ancient Egyptian times, Horus was the symbol of the “all seeing eye.” The all-seeing eye was enlightened and open to knowledge, ideas, and a better understanding ( I wont get into detail of the history but heres the link if you would like it! Click Here). Ok….anyways,  the Illuminati were not bad to begin with.They were reffered to as the Bavarian Illuminati. There name was smeared in the church sometime in history and the newer generations of Illuminati became corrupt having no recollection of where their roots originated from.

What did this have to do with the entertainment industry and Lady Gaga? A lot actually. As I said in the beginning of this blog, the NEW Illuminate are ELITE. Meaning they are people who posses money, power, status, strength, and the most powerful tool, the power to persuade. These are public figures, presidents, icons, billionaire moguls, and the list goes on and on. Now that i’ve elaborated a little more, let’s get down to the nitty gritty!

2 pac was a casuality of the Illuminati. 2pac speaks about the illuminati and his war with them in many of his songs and interviews. He says “killimunati” in the beginning of the song Hail Mary and foreshadows his death down to the way it happened in other song. 2pac Shakur was with the Illuminati for alot of his career and wanted out after a while. The fame, money and power he received wasnt enough to stop him from looking his unhappy lifestyle in the face and wanting out. The Illuminati and Jay Z killed 2pac. Whether it sounds stupid or not, it’s the truth. The Illuminati staged a fake feud between the East coast and the West coast and staged his death as if it were over a rival beef between Biggie and 2pac. This killed two birds with one stone because when Biggie was killed shortly after 2pac, it gave the Illuminati the opportunity to set up Biggie’s death like it was a retaliation on behalf  of  the West coast and 2pac’s posse. Think about it…no one saw what happened to 2pac during the shooting on the Las Vegas strip?? I think not…moving right along…..

Princess Diana was also a casuality of the Illuminati. Did you know she died AFTER the accident? If you dont believe me look it up. Not only did she die mysteriously from minor injuries, but  her body was embalmed so soon after her death, there was no time for an autopsy…Can we say suspect?? This is an excerpt from the latest book on The Princess of Wales  written by Christopher Anderson:

“In 1995, after dismissing her royal bodyguards, Diana was driving alone through London behind the wheel of her green Audi convertible when she approached a traffic when she approached a traffic light. She put her foot on the brake, but nothing happened. Frantic, she kept slamming the brakes as the car rolled into the intersection. Unharmed, she jumped out of the car and took a cab back to Kensington Palace. Then she dashed off a note to her friends Elsa Bowker, Lucia Flecha de Lima, Simone Simmons, and Lady Annabel Goldsmith. “he brakes of my car have been tampered with,” Diana wrote. “If something does happen to me it will be MI5 or MI6.”

Just ten months before she arrived in Paris with Dodi, Diana predicted the circumstances surrounding her own demise with uncanny accuracy—in writing. “I am sitting here at my desk today in October,” she wrote, “longing for someone to hug me and encourage me to keep strong and hold my head high. This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous. My husband is planning an accident in my car, brake failure and serious head injury in order to make the path clear for Charles to marry.”

Stories swarm around what happened to Diana. The fact of the matter is she was going against Prince Charles and her Mothers wishes by marrying her Egyptian boyfriend who was also a Muslim. Heres the link to information on Princess Diana. Click HERE 

Ok….moving right along again. Lets talk about HOV aka Jay Z and his affiliation with the Illuminati. When Jay – Z was a teen, he was involved with the “Nuwbian community” in Brooklyn which was ran by Dr. Malichi Z York. The Nuwaubianism practice was adopted by many people in the 1970’s and stemmed from the Black Panthers. Dr York was sentenced to 135 years in prison for child molestation charges (pay attention to what he was arrested for) a short while after he released a book called “Leviathan 666” which discussed the “truth” in the world and how people were trying to manipulate evolution and the world. His followers say he is innocent and many of them continue on with his teachings.

Now, what ties Jay-z in to all this is the fact that he KNOWS exactly whats going on with the Illuminati and he knows they exist. He has also been said to be a part of them. Rumors of Jay-Z’s affiliation with the Illuminati started after people learned he was a Free Mason. While not all Masons are bad, there’s said to be a level of Masonry that even most Masons arent aware of……and its nothing nice. Jay-Z’s affiliation with the Illuminati is through the Free Masons. At some point in time, the Illuminati lost almost all of its power and the Masons tried to revive it through their society. This is where things got misconstrued and the church started to smear names.

Jay Z uses symbols to express his brotherhood with the Masons and the Illuminati. The seeing eye for example is a sign of the Illuminati and can be easily viewed in any picture where “Hov” is throwing up the “ROC” sign. Coincidence right?? Maybe for some artist but Jay-Z makes SURE the triangle his hands form line up with one eye every time he does it. Whether his hands are above him or directly in front of his face, he makes sure his “seeing eye” is lined up correctly.

Ok so your thinking  how does that make him evil, or Illuminati or whatever right?? Well in case you havent noticed Jay-Z  is one of the richest, most prestigious, well-known business men in the music industry right now and has been for some time. He is one of the Elite. It’s not about his music, his wife, or who his friends are….its about his ROOTS which stem back from Dr. York and his teachings in Brooklyn and the Masons. Jay-Z raps about the Illuminati in various songs and even goes as far to say he doesnt belive in god in others. Jay-Z also refers to himself as “Hov” aka Jehovah which is another name for God. At first I thought he meant the God of the rap game but he doesnt. He literally means god.  One of Dr. York’s main teachings was that man creates his way. Not god. according to him the “chosen few” are actually higher than god. Need I say more??

Ok…keeping in mind what i’ve told you about Dr. York’s imprisonment and how he was arrested for “child molestation” lets move along to Michael Jackson and his Fatal run in with Illuminati. Michel Jackson is the greatest entertainer of all time. Its self explanatory why a group like the Illuminati would want MJ on their team. MJ talked about them in so many of his songs an interviews. The first time he started REALLY talking to press about these awful people, he was mysteriously put on trial for molestation charges. See the correlation?? The only difference between MJ and Dr.York is that MK was too powerful for the illuminate to control. Too many people in too many other countries as well as our own loved him and never believed the allegations brought against him. MJ planned to reveal a huge secret on his last tour he was preparing for. Illuminati silenced him and media says  he “overdosed.” There are also allegations that Illuminati staged the Pepsi commercial and rigged the set so it would burn him.

A few people  have spoken out about the Illuminati that are in the entertainment industry. The main person is KRS ONE from the group Prodigy. He spoke out through a 6 page letter in jail he wrote about the Illuminati and rappers Jay-Z and Nas and there affiliation with the Free Masons and Dr. York. The letter was very controversial but much-needed.

Whew!! A mouthful right?!?! The last person who I want to bring up is Aaliyah. Many people have no idea that Aaliyah and Jay-z had a relationship before him and Beyoncé? Thats right! Beyoncé came AFTER Aaliyah who split with Jay-z upon him meeting Beyoncé. After Aaliyah and Jay- Z fell off she started dating Dame Dash and they were engaged to be married not too long before her death. People speculate that the reason Jay-Z and Dame Dash fell out was because of Aaliyah. Was it really? Or what is it Hov’s desire to branch alone and side up with the Illuminati who Dame Dash wasnt necessarily crazy about? Hmmmm sounds fishy!! Aside from this, Aaliyah’s body was not recovered immediately after the plane crash. Where was it?? We dont know but it was recovered sometime after the crash supposedly…..then she was “cremated.”

 There are many videos, links, websites, and interviews you can look up to learn about the Illuminat and exactly why they are and what there goals are. It’s too much for me to blog but I hope you visit some of the links I have posted and go from there! Remember, we have rights as American citizens to know EXACTLY what the fuck is going on. I for one will stay educated! Educate yourselves people! Dont be a sheep.

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4 01 2010

This is so sad. I already knew something wasn’t right about the music industry. And Aaliyah’s death seem odd. And when Beyonce paid that tribute to Aaliyah..I knew that was all staged and it was an act. Everything is sooo obvious.

God gave me the gift of awareness and I’m aware of what is going on in this world now.

21 02 2010
Leah Marie

The Illuminati is not new to me. My brother and I take notes on the Illuminati also Freemason:Masonics stuff. I learned about thee Illuminati a while ago. This is not a joke this is all true and I think spreading the news or telling people that will actually listen will be a good idea, just keep it on the low. It might scare them at first but others need to know as well. All this music and TV is now affecting the way we dress and think. Study people, look at how they dress, gossip, hold up signs. This world is going insane. Gases prices are going up, DUH??? Look at how Beyonce dresses… why is she half naked on TV. she ain’t cute. The reason celebrities dresses like that is because they want to draw attention and it is now becoming a drug. When you come home, mostly everyday, what do you do? Lets see… you turn on the television, right? It’s a drug it is addicting. It is now the time to turn the television OFF, musc OFF. There is a shortness of time left. you know how everyone said that the end of the world is going to end 2012,its not… The Illuminati is setting up a New WOrld Order (NWO). Which is a one-world government. It is not good and it will destroy everything. And the only way to stop it is that we all have to come together and fight for our lives. They want us to believe that there is no God and that having a 1world government is good, but it’s not.
If you want to learn more about this go to: www. and look up Arrivals, Illuminati Conspiracy, Shocking Servants of the Anti-christ Exposed, The Industry, and Killuminati Tupac exposing the illuminati. Thank for reading I hope this will open many people’s eye. Because life is not a game any more it is beginng to be controlled. God Bless everyone…

14 03 2010

Guys guess what? In the end almighty God and those who believe in him win. They jewels and riches that our naïve jay z’s, beyonces, rihannas etc etc,sell their soul for, in the end beleivers in god are going to be walking on streets paved of gold.walking through cities with walls of jasper and other fine stones. While our shallow mega superstars who sold out to satan who by the way knows the demise of himself and those who sell out to him from day one, satan cannot love it is not in him, so those who choose to follow him guess what your ultimate reward is? If only these pathetic superstars knew that jesus christ loves them and everyone more than anybody ever will. Most times is because of some desperate lack of something or some really bad experience that they have had. During their concerts when they shout out to their fans “their biggest lie… I LOVE YOU” stop buying their music, stop going to their concerts and see how much they love you. When you take a look at our BET (Black Embarrassment Television) it is pathetic what passes for music, all we black folk can sing about is the “bling bling” the money the big house, dressed up like complete idiots, while our young men are going to prison , our young women are dieing with aids. The media spends more time covering what the movie stars wear on the night of the awards, while families are starving right here in the mighty USA.We are terribly off course, we’re out there searching for America’s next top model” who are a group of women who focus so much on their outward appearance than their inward character is rotting away along.When do we get back on track? Christ has nothing but love for us, inspite of our situation. Would any of these celebrities who “love you” give their life for you, they don’t even care if you’re sick. Many of their charity acts are publicity oriented, plus its tax deductible. Only Christ gave up all of what he had to actually live like us to see what we see, to feel what we feel.Just so that we will not be without hope. He has numbered the very hairs on your head, he knows your life from beginning to end, look how small earth is in the universe, now look how small we are, how easy it is for our life end. Yet still Christ cares for us as tiny a spec we are on the globe. So no mindless, weak willed, slave to money Jay Z, beyonce, Rihanna or any other is any more important than anybody else. So people Christ loves you, he is waiting with open arms for ANYONE who is willing to accept him. And in closing religion saves no one “get to know God for yourself”

25 03 2010

I just wanna say that Jay-Z the music industry and entertainment are killing innocents they are corrupting kids minds and if the new world order begins all i know is that i will be fighting along side God…. And to all the illuminati and puppets of them you are living good now, but you only have a limit to as how long you live… remember everything has a price yes even fame money and power now when you die it will be time to pay the evil one back for all that he gave you so be ready to suffer because once you die you stay dead and your soul will never sleep…. R.I.P Tupac thank you for opening my mind…. Eminem was my favorite rapper that is until i found out that he sold his soul for fame and fortune…… may the power of God help them to see the light and to come back to him…. that is all.

5 05 2010

U better believe that Jesus Christ is coming back. There are many references in the Bible about the end times. Even in Isiah they talk about Jesus being born and that He is the Christ the King Of Kings! The Rose of Sharon! Later Jesus warns us of the end times. This world is being set up for Christ coming..Jesus is a graceful forgiving God but one that cannot go back on his promise otherwise he would be lying so he KEEPs his promise! God destroyed cities..sodom an gomorrah 4 sin an flooded the eart becuz of sin the gays were even trying 2 sleep wit the ANGELS GOD sent 2 get Lot an family from Gomorrah yes being homosexual is NOT right! But next time God will destroy the earth with FIRE an it will be the last time…what does a man gain to have the whole world and loose his soul!!!!!! Jesus is coming back!! We better get prepared u also have 2 remember that devil is a cunning subtle character just as the snake n the garden of EDEN we r gettn tricked 2day ..government corrupt celebrities are vehicles 4 Satan…have JESUS CHRIST as ur saviour
HE’S the only 1 that can save u ..jus imagine he created all this on earth jus imagine how great HEAVEN will be!

23 05 2010

look the dude that blogged is right satin is controlling peoples minds. If you ask me im all for god and his beliefs. I go to church and stay in school. God has given me the ability to do all this what has the devil done??? like the other dude said jay-z and eminem used to be my favorite rappers in till i found out about the illumanti. that is all good night and god bless.

27 06 2010

krs one is not in the group Prodigy. Prodigy is a rapper from the group Mobb Deep who was affiliated w/ Jay Z and who 2Pac blasted in several songs.

5 10 2010
adah daniel

thanks Guys u all been awesome gonna refer many of my friends to this blog……thanks to writer and all the comment it’s really great

16 10 2010

yeah,thats it,let em xchange their soul for fame.they have been mislead

19 10 2010

Great apart from the fact that Aaliayh was buried and was found at the scene of the crash with all of the other bodies. I wonder how much more of this blog is made up?

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