Beyonce’s booty is ummm….PADDED!

2 12 2009

Ok…so wathcing the Video phone remix the other day with friends was VERY interesting… friend noticed that Beyonce had on a butt pad in the video! At first I tried to deny it but once we replayed it a few times I noticed the she definetly had on a butt pad….Later on today another friend told me that Beyonce’s butt pad incident ended up on which means its official and were not the only ones who noticed her butt pad. Beyonce, I dont know whats up with Beyonce but she needs to fire whoever edited that video ASAP!

Click HERE to see video




One response

5 04 2010
Real Talk

Shes been wearing body pads for years. In order to appeal to the hip hop community she knows that she has to have a shape. She has hip pads, but pads, push up bras. Shes a celeb. Its sad because we have young girls who want to look like that because they dont know its fake. Without the make up, weave and pads, she looks like everyone else. Its not a secret anymore. one day shes nice and slinder, and three days later she has extra booty and hips that were not there before. one day she has a normal size chest and the next, shes popping out of her top. shes fake like everyone else in hollywood. Shes not dumb, she knows what to do to sell. if the young girls only knew that they could buy their shapes like she does, then they wouldnt feel so bad about themselves.

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