Pedaphile…I mean Pleasure P should be banned from life!

3 12 2009


Ok….Pleasure P has crossed the line and should be banned from EVERYTHING. Some nasty allegations about the singer being a child molester hit twitter earlier today. I didnt want to believe what I heard without having some solid evidence. As the night went on, the evidence became very clear to me. Court documents were posted via twitter and spread like wildfire to blogs, youtube, and back to twitter. Along with the story coming out, Pretty Ricky commented when asked about the incident via twitter. The comment goes as follows: “I thought that case was sealed.”  To make matters worse, Pretty Ricky said that they kicked Pleasure P out of the group because if the pending child molestation charges…..interesting. 

According to court documents, Pleasure P molested his 4 year old niece and her parents found out after she was complaining about her “lower region” hurting. When asked why it hurt she replied “Uncle Marcus has been touching me down there.” …..SMH. This is sad. So sad. No one has the right to take away a childs innocence. Whats even sadder is how his label tried to just make the whole incident go away with money. Some people just have no morals. In any event, I posted to document below so you can see for yourselves. Visit for the inside scoop. You can also follow the girl who posted the documents on twitter. 




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