A high school love story♥

7 12 2009

Hey my name is Philisha and my soul mate is Monica  and here is our story…….

  It was my junior year in high school and i’d had 3 girlfriends on and off since the 7th grade. I met Monica in the 10th grade,  mind you I had no idea who she was! It wasn’t until we were both accepted into a hospital internship that I saw her again. We went through the whole first semester, never talked, never even really looked each others way, and we were in the same classroom. Its amazing how you can be around someone so much but never even say hi. Well 2nd semester came along, rather February, and it was one magnificent day. It was our first day at Parkland Hospital. We were getting our assignments and I sat down beside her and told her literally my whole life story. Why did I trust this girl so much? How did I know that she would or could keep my secrets? It was in that moment that I knew she was different. She became my best friend. I told her everything by this time. We came back from the hospital and I showed her a picture of my  girlfriend at the time Lisa. She really didn’t say much…… just ok that’s cool.

 It was the end of February and me and Lisa broke up. I knew I wanted more than a friendship with Monica but I don’t mess with straight girls because there too complicated.  Its March now and Monica and I are writing letters back and fourth. Everyday we write at least 3-4 letters exchanging them as we walk to our next classes. Our first outing was to the movies. It was a great evening. We went with a friend and the whole  night we were talking and laughing the whole way into the movie theatre. I’m going crazy! For the first time I’m nervous around a girl! Her friend sits in between us….. We both look at each other trying to figure out what this girl is doing? Needless to say the movie is over and wereready to go home. She starts to tickle me and we make this crazy eye contact but say nothing. I get home and I’m crazy to admit this but no lie,  I jumped for joy. I’m shouting in my room,going crazy about this girl.

So we are now in April. We’re at an Area Conference it is unbelievable how much tension is between us. It was the longest 3 days of my life. She invites me to her room and  nothing goes on. All we do is snuggle and stay up the whole night talking. In that moment I think she realized something about herself as well as me….. We get back home and the letters aren’t as friendly as they were. She’s asking questions and questioning herself and what she likes and who she likes. At this point I’m not gonna take anything further because again I don’t deal with straight women.

The day is April 15, 2006 the time 6:06 PM. and she asks “Will you go out with me”? I’m stunned and of course we get the party going. Monica is my everything as we get into senior year. Neither my mom nor her teacher  has no idea we’re going out. Its written on our faces and for some reason no one even suspected anything because she nor I really were out to friends. I was out but wasn’t  like shouting to the world I was gay……. If I was asked I would say yes. She on the other hand was straight as straight could get.

 Finally I tell my mom Monica and I are dating and that’s when the nightmare begins. I lost everything basically to be with her. My parents didn’t trust me. I had a house key but that was taken. I couldn’t go anywhere. I couldn’t do anything…… that was a trying year for us. I never saw anywhere except school and that was only 30 minutes of contact. The thing that actually made me fall in love with her was when she came to everyone of my softball games during the summer before senior year started. We talked and hung out as much as possible to learn more and be together, and by that time I was tired of it all and did what I wanted to do. I “broke up” with my mom and went to her house everyday of the summer. I went crazy and realized I’m going to make my senior year better. I may have lost my parents trust, my lively hood, my life, but I had her and that was good enough for me. We went through senior year and it was ok but not the best. Not seeing the girl you love is kinda hard but it happens. 

Its now the beginning of April and I come home from seeing Monica. Its after 10 o’clock curfew. My mom and I get into a fight and I’m done. I’m not gonna take her hate, her “disgust”, her word of me, and I left. Its  midnight and  I call Monica and tell her what happened. She calls me a cab, pays my fair, and I went  to live with her. I’m not ever  going to forget that night or morning. Her parents are the best. They allowed me to move in and stay the remainder of my senior year and however long it took to get myself together…… Of course I didn’t want to impose so I planned on moving out after graduation.

Well life got easier. I was working, making money and with the girl I loved. Now it is April 15, 2007  and I’m madly in love and already have a ring picked out and making payments on it. I made a binder of all the letters that she had written me. I put them in a beautiful binder with pictures surrounded of us……The letters went through eacf of our phases…. As she got to the last page I took her hand and told her how much I loved her and how the sun set and rose on her. I woke up everyday smiling thinking about her and went to sleep everynight when we weren’t together on the phone we fell asleep together even though we weren’t.  She was the girl of my dreams. She was my best friend and there was nothing or no one in this world that could change that. I proposed. Of course by now she’s balling. Crying her eyes out and I’m just chilling holding her and yes she did say “YES”.

Monica and I have been through everything. My parents and I have been through everything and through this whole journey Monica had been with me. I will not forget the firsts I have had with her. My first birthday party, my first true love, my first actual christmas present. My mom got me gloves and a people magazine and last year I got a quesadilla maker. But I’m not made anymore at my mom. She is who she is and I am who I am, but that’s another story. So Monica and I have started a new chapter in our live and after 3 yrs of being together we moved away from Duncanville to Plano. We are ready to start our lives. She will be the mother of my children. Of course this gay marriage thing is crazy. Texas will never make it legal or even consider it because it is a republican state but its all good. I don’t plan on staying in Texas the rest of my life. But Monica and I have our problems, we have our struggles like anyone but I love her with all my heart. She is and will always be my everything and the true love of my life. We are going strong and coming up on our 4 year anniversary and she will always be my soul mate!



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25 02 2010

Aww This Is So Cute..
Im So Happy For Guys..
I Hope Every thing Works Out With The Marriage

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