No this bitch Tila Tequila didnt!!!

8 12 2009


Femme Fans, did you see this f*^$@&g whore Tila Tequila try to come for me?? LMAO!! She could never…Anyways, LGBT members attacked the cyber slut late this evening after she posted some annoying tweets about “For the love of Ray J” winner Cocktail. I think its fair to say people are tired of this bitch trying to stir the pot for attention…… Anyways, since she wants to try and put people on front street (even though she aint shit) I thought I would return the favor!! Heres pictures of our little Miss Tila Tequila WITH A DRINK IN HER HAND….TWICE! So much for a being ” ALLERGIC TO ALCOHOL” LIAR!

 picture # two is a collage of this hoe indulging in alcoholic beverages:

With this being said….you’ve got glass all around you bitch!! Stop throwing stones!




4 responses

8 12 2009

They didn’t call it a “shot” of love for nothing… “A SHOT OF TEQUILA” She is such a ho-bag.

8 12 2009

LMAO! U went straight 4 the jugular!

8 12 2009

lmmfaoooooo. i wish you could post that TAMPON TILA pic!

8 12 2009

i cant stand her strong jaw, triangular face, attention whore, alien looking ass self.

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