Chris Brown deletes his twitter (talk about a bitch fit!)

14 12 2009


After days of ranting and raving about how the music industry was unfair and trying to blackball his career, Chris Brown has deleted his twitter! Damn Chris! Couldnt take the heat? The singer has been getting ridiculed left and right since the incident with Rihanna. You would think he would be used to it by now. What do you guys think about this? Does he deserve everything he’s getting or should people ease  off  him and give him a chance to continue his career?



5 responses

15 12 2009

first off im sooooo mad you used that picture of him. But i think it can take a toll on you. It’s like being in a relationship and your mistake is constantly being thrown in your face after you’ve apologized numerous times, it can make you weak…. him deleting it was just a way to regroup i suppose.

15 12 2009

I belive sometimes humility is due.. and also when a lesson is learned it should not be brought up again.. so people can start easing off now.. its almost been a year.. he’s trying to launch his cd.. let him breathe a little yea?

15 12 2009

i think it’s all well deserved. it’s just the consequences of his actions and i know i damn sure if he had hit my sister i wouldn’t want anyone to let up with hatred for his ass. i think he’s a whinny baby and should be happy his ass is not in jail. my uncle hit my aunt n all she had was a scratch n he’s in jail. so be lucky chris. how can u have sympathy for someone that said wow thats crazy when u asked him about beating someone? get the fuck outta here with that bullshit breezy. i can say his music is awesome but since his name is attached to it he’ll have to deal.

15 12 2009
dulcia escalante

i for one think that people need to ease on up because he is not the only entertainer that has done some off the wall type of stuff. look at bobby and whitney… they had their crazy ish going on and they get a damn tv show… terrance howard beat his wife and noone stopped putting his ass in movies. (i still love him though!) Chris Brown is just as big as rihanna and im not saying that she deserved what he did because i was not the reffff up in the fight. He makes his money from something that he loves to do which is make music so let the boy do what he does best.

29 12 2009

So lame and pitful and excuse oriented! CB go somewhere and get to anger management!

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