Dose of RealiTEA- Episode 2 summary!

15 12 2009


Whats up LGBT land?? Are you ready for the exciting SECOND episode of Dose of Reali TEA? We are! This weeks episode will include lots of celeb drama, real life situations, a few good songs, and the VERY popular call in segment at the end of the show!

This wednesdays episode will include topics on Chris Brown, Lady gaga, ATL housewives star Kim, The Kardashian clan, and highlights of a few other celeb mishaps weve noticed!

The second portion of the show will be a discussion about internet dating and its effect on the LGBT community. This should be interesting right?!?! We will close out the show with the VERY popular listener call in segment of the show! This is your chance to call and spill some tea with Jay C and myself! The number is listed on the radio blogsite! Hope you tune in!

The show airs Wednesday 10pm central 8pm pacific and 11 pm eastern

Click HERE for details!



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