The Westboro freaks are at it again!

26 12 2009


Ok..NOW these bitches have gone toooo far! FIRST AND FOREMOST what kind of preacher tries to tear someones down character by using profane language and ugly metaphors?? Secondly….who the FUCK asked for their opinion?! Damn sure not me!! The Westboro pricks are CONSTANTLY spreading hate, lies and FUCKERY to people in the church and people in their community. With all bad shit going on in the world you would think they would focus on making a change through positive activity right?! WRONG!! Instead they focus ALL their attention in gay people…well Westboro heres a message from the gays to you…are you paying attention?? FUCK YOU!!Long live Lady Gay Gay! Only her little monsters could start a trending topic on her behalf within a short amount of time to tell Westboro to kiss our asses! Lady Gaga is proud and because she’s REAL she will always rise above the haters!



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