Couple in Malawi is arrested for having engagement party…

29 12 2009


 A gay couple in Malawi was arrested for having and engagement party. what was the crime?!?! Being gay! That right! Its illegal to perform any kind of “homosexual activity” and is punishable with up to 14 years in prison.  

This is really upsetting. The fact  that we as a community have advanced in so many was over the past year sounds so hopeful until we take a look at pur LGBT brothers and sisters who are STILL faced with such a simple but evil form of hate. According to the article, there is a group of LGBT rights activist who are in Malawi as we speak and are focused on trying to change the bill there in favor of gays. I sincerely hope they can do something about these crazy inhumane rules and poor standard of living they are forcing people to live by! Its not right! 

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18 05 2010
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[…] an uphill battle with the court system since December when they were first arrested for having an engagement party as a gay couple.  The couple has been in jail ever since and were found guilty of “gay […]

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