Youtube is Claiming “Copy right infringement”…BS!

31 12 2009


Well love Muffins, its official, youtube is full of SH!T! Youtube is claiming that the reason B.Scotts account was suspended was because of copyright infringement due to the audio track on one of his first videos. Whatever liars! I know for a FACT that youtube has the power to remove or suspend ONE single video so if that was the case thats what these idiot should have done. Aside from that, why did they wait almost a year after he had made partner and the video had been posted to suspend his whole channel?!?! This sound like BS to me! 

While this is unfair and sad, there is a real silver lining here…B.Scott did a ustream live today and announced he would be hosting his videos from his website shortly…They will be archived and organized by different categories and will be PERMANENT on his site! YAYYYYY! This is WONDERFUL news for love muffins! We are very excited about this and I promise to keep you guys posted on all the endeavours of our lovely B.Scott!



One response

28 04 2010

Omg……I just want you to know that I was introduced to you by a former associate…actually you were the best thing that came out of that played realtionship…..however keeping it positive…..I so miss you……I have laughed with you and cried with you. You are a beautiful spirit! My eyes as I type this is filing with tears…….You just don’t know how your blogs…..either relevant to my personal situation……I can always pull something from them. You have encouraged me to be more accepting of others struggle….and accepting of my own……never think that you are not an assest to your community!…….Truly an admirer… at peace

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