Lady Gaga answers fan mail♥

3 01 2010



6 responses

16 01 2010

O M G ! loved this clip! thanks for posting it!

21 03 2010

email to gaga please

21 03 2010

emai to gaga DEVIL please

28 03 2010

I luv gaga I’m ur biggest fan i’ll follow you until you love me!

24 05 2010

you are to cool!! i love all your music you are the best singer ever. my biggest wish is to se you play.
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
im from denmark.

3 08 2010
lezlie santillan % glenda hammond

dear ms lady
my granddaughter lezlie aka bird loves you she just turned 2 in june and we have to sit and watch you on you tube for at least 4 songs 2 times be for shes happey she dances to your bad romance and dose that monster thing and tries to blow out the fire on the bed at the end it is so cute if it is at all possible could you send her some thing any thing with you signature on it thank you so much for your time i no you are a very hard working women great job on your tour

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